Thursday, November 19, 2009

Straight Egyptian Double Serr Maariner Great Grand Daughter For Sale

Babson Filly For Sale -sold

Straight Egyptian

Al Khamsa

Sheykh Obeyd

Dahman Shawan in strain
Axioms Serrena Echo is a preservation Babson filly with lines to Julyan, Hallany Mistanny and Sirecho.
Also she is a double Serr Maariner Great Granddaughter.

She is an exceptional filly, bred for dressage and has great movement. We expect her to remain dark in color. She only has a small amount of grey at the tail and in the flank.

Very well developed and tall. She is about 18 months old at this time.
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We are asking $3000 for her at this time.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Straight Babson Mare
Here is a picture of
Char Iswid Malaka - deceased
Char Iswid x Charabs Amora
She came here last summer and has just thrived.
She is now about 20 days in foal to HR Hasim Legacy. She was pasture bred with Legacy and is still with him. We have had her progesterone checked and it is great.
Malaka is an absolutely gorgeous mare. She has the sweetest personality. Her movement is huge. She can take off like a rocket.
I can not wait to see this baby that will be born. This will be Malaka's first foal and she is 14 years now. The foal will be 4 generations pure in strain Saqlawi Jirdan IBN Sudan with 3 crosses to Negem.
I am working on Malaka's page on the web site.
Almost for got to mention that Malaka only has one eye. She lost an eye as a foal. Was kicked I am told.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

These two Babson Arabian stallions (HR Hasims Legacy and HR Jamil Ahmar Hisaan) have just been introduced into the same pasture. They have been near each other for a couple of days. As young horses they where socialized in a large herd. This is their first time together. Since this time they are together on and off frequently and they really enjoy having a lot of fun, just like you would expect a couple of boys to do. It is really fun to see them play.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Babson Sirecho Stallion for sale

SOLD -This is Du Echo Solar Gem. He is a rare Babson Sirecho stallion. this stallion is for sale for $1500. Go to for more information or email Du Echo Solar Gem has been sold to Darrel Rieger in Goshen Indiana. The stallion will be the head sire there and live with the mares. A wonderful life for him.
This stallion has a mare in foal for 2010. He is bred to HR Tali Tiflah who is a Babson Brown Sirecho mare. You can see her on my web site She is for sale.