Friday, March 5, 2010

Well it has been awhile since I posted on here. The latest news is that Charabs Amora is coming to our farm next week. This picture of the chestnut is Amora. She is a very rare Straight Babson mare, 18 years old. I already have her daughter Char Iswid Malaka her and Malaka is in foal.

My challenge this year is to get Amora in foal. I am so excited. She will be bred to HR Hasims Legacy also Straight Babson. The black stallion is Legacy.

HR Tali Tiflah is due to foal in a few weeks. I have been advertising her for sale and have had a few inquiries.

Axioms Serrena Echo has been sold. The sale is not final though as money has not been recieved yet but I am pretty sure it will be fianlized soon. The buyer has been waiting for this filly for sometime and it has beeen a hard decision to sell her because of her double Serr Maariner in her pedigree.